The Gift of Dance

Private Lessons

Taking your first steps onto the dance floor can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! The Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Madison specializes in one-on-one dance instruction. Our personalized approach allows us to design a program just for you... customized to meet your goals, your needs, and your personal learning style. No two people learn the same, so no two lessons will ever be the same - dance instruction tailored to fit your life!


Group Lessons

Group classes are a valuable addition to your private lessons. By combining the personalized attention you receive on your lessons with the broad range of topics taught in group classes, you will learn faster and retain more... not to mention that you'll have the opportunity to meet and interact with other students in a way that will greatly enhance your dance education. Group classes can be an enriching and exciting supplement to your private instruction!


Practice Parties

Dance Parties are as important to the learning process as the lessons themselves. Attending the parties gives you a wonderful opportunity to practice what you've learned on your lessons with a variety of partners, professional instructors, other students, and guests! Instructors are on hand to guide students, creating a relaxed yet instructive environment. Dancing at the parties can ease any stress you might have of dancing in front of other people, helping you to build confidence in your dancing, a confidence that will extend into all areas of your life



We know that your instructors are fabulous because we hire only the best in our studio… still, it is nice to get an outside perspective occasionally. That is why we bring in some of the most talented and renowned coaches from around the country. A coaching isn’t just another lesson with a different face; time spent with one of our expert coaches truly gives you the extra edge you need to really excel in your dancing. Our coaches hail from around the country and around the world, and include award-winning dancers and choreographers. Many of our coaches are reigning world dance champions, and several have been featured on hit television shows such as “Dancing with the Stars.” All are nationally recognized and well respected in the dance industry!

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Ballroom Dances

American Smooth

International Standard

Viennese Waltz

Argentine Tango





Latin Dances

American Rhythm

International Latin

Paso Doble

Cha Cha











Swing Dance Lessons

Jitterbug Swing

Balboa Swing

Collegiate Shag

Lindy Hop Swing

Jive Swing

Modern Swing .